Quality policy

The quality management policy is part of the overall vision and policy of Top House Ltd.


The quality management policy is aimed at providing professional and quality services and products in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation, company standards, company culture and the requirements of the market and stakeholders.


The management personally and with the help of its employees is committed to the constant adherence to the Quality Policy, stating their strategic goals and priorities:

  • expanding the market share
  • improving the quality of the offered services / products in accordance with the legal framework в съответствие с нормативната уредба
  • establishing long-term relationships with stable partners
  • introduction of new methods and ways of work in accordance with the modern requirements of the clients in order to satisfy them
  • use of high-quality materials and equipment in carrying out the activity
  • continuous improvement and refinement of the processes in the organization
  • efficient use of available resources - material, human and financial, incl. minimizing losses
  • optimization of work processes
  • elaboration of own strategy for development and increase of competitiveness on the basis of feedback with the clients, their references and complaints
  • developing and improving knowledge related to innovation in relation to core activitiesхнологии
  • achieving and maintaining the commitment of all employees с with the Quality Policy and company objectives
  • constant motivation of employees on behalf and at the expense of the organization
  • maintaining and continuously developing the leadership qualities of the management
  • maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders - customers, suppliers, partners страниклиенти, доставчици, партньори
  • providing and maintaining an efficient and healthy working environment
  • continuous improvement and refinement of the implemented Quality Management System
To implement its policy, the management of Top House Ltd. applies the following basic principles:
  • leadership a leading role of management in terms of quality management
  • risk management identifying risks and opportunities and taking action to control their impact
  • applying a process approach in planning, organizing, controlling and analyzing activities
  • resource optimization
  • maintaining the efficiency of the system through periodic reviews by management taking into account the views and interests of stakeholders
  • continuous improvement of the system through periodic analyzes and monitoring of the activity
  • providing the necessary resources for the functioning and improvement of the QMS
  • involving staff by communicating and explaining the directions of development of the organization


The management of the organization declares that in its overall activity in the field of quality management and services offered will comply with all applicable regulations, is committed to ensuring continuous improvement and will work towards continuous improvement of the system.


The policy is disseminated, communicated and understood in the organization, it is accessible to all stakeholders and the public.


As a manager of Royal Profil Ltd., I declare my personal participation in the development and implementation of this Quality Policy.