Get acquainted with the stages of our work in production.


Extrusion is the main production process, fundamental and of particular importance for the next stages of production. With this in mind, the company has a Department for maintenance and preparation of extrusion tools. Employees with the necessary high experience and qualification, as well as the available equipment fully ensure the process. Timely maintenance of the matrices guarantees consistency in the quality of the final product and high efficiency of the production process.


The surface treatment with electrostatic powder coating makes it possible to achieve an infinite variety of colors and at the same time provides a long-lasting protective and anti-corrosion coating of the profile. A very important part of the powder coating process is the chemical treatment of the profiles, which goes through several stages. This ensures good adhesion of the paint to the profile and long life of the coating. ROYAL PROFILE has a modern automated system for electrostatic powder coating with a capacity of 7500 tons of aluminum profiles per year.



The system for applying wood decor (sublimation), with which the company is equipped, allows for a variety of design and aesthetic solutions in the realization of the final product. The many wood decors completely cover the modern preferences of markets and customers.


The packaging completes the production process and the products are ready for shipment. A protective foil is placed on the packaging line on the profiles for which this is necessary. Then small and large packages are formed. The design of the packages is in accordance with the maximum protection of the goods from damage during loading and unloading activities and to arrive at the customer in perfect condition, without damage.