These are some of the applications of our industry.

Строителство и архитектура


Aluminum profiles have a wide and varied application in modern architecture and construction. Aluminum is one of the most popular materials among architects, designers and builders and enables the implementation of structures that cannot be made of steel, plastic or wood. An interesting fact is that about 25% of all aluminum produced in the world is used in construction.


Aluminum is a basic material used in suspended facade systems, ventilated facade systems and facade cladding.
There is a constantly growing trend in the use of aluminum windows and doors in residential and industrial construction. The durability of the material, the modern appearance of the finished product, the endless variety of colors and decors, as well as the perfect performance characteristics confirm the growing use in the window industry.


Sunscreen solutions are an important part of the overall design and improve the efficiency and functionality of buildings. Aluminum profiles used for the manufacture of roller blinds, shutters, pergolas and awnings are needed in this area because they ensure durability and longer product life. They also provide high durability and precision in the production of products.


Aluminum profiles are widely used in interior design, furniture accessories, flooring and suspended ceilings, partition walls and decorations. Thanks to its properties to be durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and can be processed in any shape, aluminum offers solutions unattainable with other materials.


The use of aluminum profiles and parts in vehicles allows manufacturers to significantly reduce their weight and achieve better efficiency. The operating costs of the vehicles themselves are also optimized.


A significant share of the materials used in the advertising industry is occupied by aluminum profiles. They are used for the production of various types of advertising equipment - billboards, posters, signboards, stands for exhibitions and many others.


Specially designed and developed aluminum profiles are used for mounting structures for photovoltaic systems. The profiles are designed to facilitate the installation and efficiency of the structures.