About us

Based on its 25 years of professional experience in the aluminum industry, and particularly in the aluminum profiles manufacturing, Royal Profil is planning to produce the profiles of the future in its integrated production facility with a total area of 30,000m2 of which 10,000m2 indoor production space.


Royal Profil as a leading company that respects the economic, social, cultural and historical values of our country, focuses on the moral and spiritual ethics of the sector. The company understands the needs of the industry, respects the environment and has a strong social awareness and responsibilities.


Royal Profil is determined to become a leading brand in the aluminum industry, both in Bulgaria and worldwide, by gaining the trust of its customers and maintaining high quality standards. Royal Profil meets the industry expectations and requirements, thanks to its modern technical base and impeccable knowledge in the production of aluminum profiles.


To build and develop a high-tech structure of manufacturing with professionalism and correctness, in order to raise the standards of the industry in Bulgaria. To produce high quality aluminum profiles in accordance with all international standards and to provide them for the needs of the industrial and construction sectors.


To be a competitive company with a spotless reputation, both on the Bulgarian and the international markets with high standards of production. To work on finding the most efficient, fast, reliable, and quality ways for production and delivery of our products in accordance with the needs and requirements of our partners.


The production facilities of Royal Profile include the most modern equipment for the production of a wide range of aluminum profiles by extrusion, which allows us to produce more than 500 tons of products per month.

Our company produces profiles from various alloys. 

If you need to make an original profile, the presence of a tool shop allows us to design and manufacture dies for the production of profiles with the highest accuracy and the most complex configuration in a short period of time. At the same time, the assignor receives exclusive copyright on the produced instrument.

Strict quality control is organized at all stages of production, which meets the highest European requirements.


The products of our company are accompanied by all necessary documents and certificates. 

Quick processing of your orders from us will help you save time and organize your business in the most profitable way. 

You can contact us today and receive an exclusive offer! We hope for a long and effective cooperation!


We always stick to quality.

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